“Wherever you get your podcasts” is a radical statement
Publié le : 22 mars 2024 - Anthony Dumas

But here’s the thing: being able to say, “wherever you get your podcasts” is a radical statement. Because what it represents is the triumph of exactly the kind of technology that’s supposed to be impossible: open, empowering tech that’s not owned by any one company, that can’t be controlled by any one company, and that allows people to have ownership over their work and their relationship with their audience. - Anil Dash

En tant que responsable distribution de La Clameur, je ne peux que partager ce blog post d’Anil Dash. Le podcast est l’un des derniers média avec une véritable liberté de distribution, et ça fait du bien.

Et vous pouvez retrouver nos productions partout où vous pouvez trouver des podcasts.

Source : https://www.anildash.com/2024/02/06/wherever-you-get-podcasts/